Outlaw Ramblin' Rootbeer Fat Cut

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Where else but Outlaw Dip can you find flavors like this rootbeer tobacco free dip? Nowhere! That’s because as long-time dippers ourselves we put a lot of effort into crafting dips with bold, wild flavors that you can taste the second it hits your lips. We perfected the root beer taste in our rootbeer tobacco free dip so the second you put it in your lip it's like you just cracked a fresh can of the soda! We also make sure our flavors are long lasting so you can enjoy Outlaw Ramblin’ Rootbeer Long Cut Dip for even longer! And this rootbeer flavor is sure to make heads turn and lips burn!

We like to say that Outlaw Ramblin’ Rootbeer Long Cut and every other one of our bold, crazy flavors of tobacco free dip are more than alternatives to chewing tobacco – they’re BETTER! With Outlaw Dip you don’t just get a better flavor because our dip is better for you. It comes without any of the health risks associated with tobacco because it’s 100% TOBACCO FREE! And they’re definitely a lot better than the other bad tobacco free dip substitutes out there because we’ve committed to never using ingredients like cornsilk or mintleaf in our formulas.

Outlaw Ramblin’ Rootbeer Long Cut gives you the taste of a cold can of root beer you just cracked open while also being one of the JUICIEST dips you've ever tried! It’s got the exact kind of flavor and sweetness you’d expect to find in your favorite brand of root beer. We’re ecstatic to give the community we appreciate the flavors you’ve been wanting from the tobacco industry for years, but we also focus on the consistency of our product so you can get the fattest, juiciest, pinch. Our signature “Fat Cut” blend makes it easy to get a fat cut every time so you can pack, dip, and enjoy all day long!

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