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If you're looking to buy tobacco free dip online, then you've come to the right place. Outlaw Dip Co. makes the best chewing tobacco alternatives on the planet!


The Outlaw Way

Outlaw Dip delivers the same Fat Cut pinchability, the moistest and juiciest dip, and with a true flavor profile. No mint leaf. No cornsilk. No BS. So grab a tin of Outlaw Dip, lock and load a pinch and join the outlaws.

As long time dippers ourselves, we loved the taste and sensation of chewing tobacco but could do without the health risks and getting sick. That’s why we set out to develop a new product that could deliver a better dipping experience but with none of the risks – and we ended up with the world’s best chewing tobacco alternative. Every one of our products is guaranteed to be better than the real thing, a rich flavor profile, and a moist and juicy dip every time.

The tobacco industry hasn’t changed in years and has been getting away with putting out the same product with the same flavor for way too long, so every day at Outlaw Dip we're striving to make a product with the same fat cut pinchability and a true flavor profile. There’s no better place to buy tobacco free dip than Outlaw because our dip isn’t just 100% tobacco free – our product is just better.

When you buy tobacco free dip from Outlaw, you're getting a product that's not just 100% tobacco free goodness but better in every way with more bold, crazy flavor and NO mint leaf, NO cornsilk, NO bullshit.


All Natural


Zero Sugar




No Nicotine


Made with Black Tea Leaves

Build a Custom 6-Pack!

Why settle for one flavor? Get locked and loaded with a custom 6 pack and save money. Build your own custom 6 pack of the best dip for sale online.

Flavor of The Month

Flavor of the month subscribers enjoy exclusive special-release dips every month. Try a one time special-release dip every month before ANYONE else and be first in line for upcoming deals or leftover flavor sales! 6 cans of our exclusive flavor for the price of 5! Subscribe and save!

THE MOST INSANE MOUTH FEEL!!! This dip has the perfect mix of sweet pineapple and spicy chili, 2 flavors that were just MEANT for each other! Is your mouth watering yet?

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