Why Chew Tobacco Free Dip with Nicotine (or without)?

Why Chew Tobacco Free Dip with Nicotine (or without)?

May 19, 2023Jared Boyce

People have been enjoying tobacco in a variety of forms for generations, especially in the South where we’re from, but with it comes a lot of health risks. Seeing and experiencing these things firsthand inspired us to create Outlaw Dip. It’s 100% tobacco free and 100% better than the real thing in every way, with all natural ingredients and that same nicotine buzz you crave (or without – we make nicotine free tobacco free dip too). Well, you can read our blog on chewing tobacco vs dip for batter understanding the difference.

Here are just a few reasons we think you ought to give our tobacco-free chew with nicotine a try!

Fewer Health Risks

Regularly using chew, dip, and other smokeless tobacco products can lead to gum infections, mouth and tooth problems, and even cause oral cancer. It also increases your chances of dying from heart disease or a stroke. Outlaw tobacco-free chew lets you enjoy the taste and sensation you love without the negative health consequences.

Variety of flavors

In addition to the health risks, we were also fed up with the limited choices the tobacco industry offered. They kept on rolling out the same flavors time after time, so we vowed to be different. Explore our wide selection of tobacco-free chew with nicotine flavors here, and consider subscribing to our flavor of the month club to enjoy exclusive special dips monthly!

It tastes just like the real thing

If you’ve tried tobacco-free chew with nicotine before and came away disappointed or even disgusted, we’re not surprised. Many other companies use junk like corn silk and mint leaf to mimic the feeling of tobacco, and they all fail miserably in doing so. We use black tea leaves and other all natural ingredients to give you a taste and sensation that doesn’t just rival the real thing but is way better!

It can help break an addiction

Tobacco leaves naturally contain nicotine, and it can be very addictive. We add Tobacco Free nicotine to our regular tobacco-free chew so you can get that buzz you’re after, but we also offer nicotine free tobacco free dip to help those who are trying to kick an addiction.

We’ve got a wide variety of tobacco alternatives that can soothe many cravings and meet your preferences. Give our tobacco-free chew with nicotine or without a try today!

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