How to Dip

How to Dip

May 19, 2023Jared Boyce

Sales in the tobacco industry have been fluctuating in recent years, and that’s great news for us. It means we’re making progress on our mission to make a gigantic dent in the tobacco industry, but it also means that many of our customers may be first-time dippers. If that’s you, welcome to the dipping community! We’re happy to have ya. We want to make sure you’re getting the most out of our product and enjoying all the wild flavors we have to offer, so use this blog as a how to dip guide if you’re new.

What’s dip?

If you’re really new to the community, it can get pretty confusing with the variety of smokeless tobacco products and tobacco-free alternatives like ours. So, we better define what dip is before telling you how to dip. Dip is typically made from finely ground and shredded tobacco leaves packed into cans, and tobacco-free dip replicates that consistency, just without the tobacco. What’s packed into the can is called a plug.

How to Dip

Now that you know what dip is, it’s time to learn how to dip.

Before getting their first pinch (that’s just a fancy word for the piece you break off of the plug), most dippers pack their cans. To do this, place your thumb and middle finger on opposite sides of the can and then quickly rotate it back and forth with a flick of the wrist so your index finger is tapping the top of the can. This makes the dip easier to grab.

After packing your can, grab a pinch with your forefinger and thumb. For beginners, we recommend taking about a quarter size. As you get used to the taste and feel of the product, you can grab bigger pinches.

The pinch goes between your gums and the cheek of your lower lip. You’ll have to form it a little to ensure all the leaves are packed tightly together so you don’t swallow them. Then you just have to enjoy the flavor and feel! But remember, you will have to occasionally spit some of it out because you don’t want to swallow the juice/saliva mixture your mouth produces, so keep a bottle to spit in on hand. When you’re done, either because the flavor or buzz is gone or because you need to do something that requires a clean mouth, simply take the pinch out and throw it away. Depending on how long you’ve had the pinch in your mouth, you may want to rinse and spit with some water, too.

Now that you know how to dip, you need some to get started packing, pinching, and spitting. Shop our selection o tobacco-free and nicotine-free dipping products today and find the wild flavors that you’ll enjoy!

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