The Difference Between Cut Sizes of Dip

The Difference Between Cut Sizes of Dip

May 19, 2023Jared Boyce

For beginners, it can be pretty confusing trying to understand all the different cut sizes of dip available. It can even be tough for avid dippers, too, if they’ve stuck to one cut for the majority of their lives. Regardless, as one of the best fat cut tobacco-free brands, we feel it’s our responsibility to try and clear up all this confusion and create this handy guide to cut sizes. Whether you’re new to the dipping community and are looking to try and understand which cut sizes are best for you, or you’ve been packing the same cut for years and want to learn more about your other options, consider this your definitive guide. You can read about chewing tobacco alternatives available on our Outlawdip brand.

Cut sizes of dip

The most common cut sizes of dip you’ll encounter are long cuts, extra long cuts, wide cuts, fine cuts, and pouches. There are also fat cut, mid cut, and ready cut, which are either extremely rare or unique to a specific brand.

  • Long cut: Long cuts are identified by their long, thin strands. They’re much easier to handle for beginners, and the long cut is the most widely available cut size.
  • Extra long cut: As the name suggests, extra long cuts have longer strands than the normal long cut.
  • Wide cut: Wide cuts are about as long as your standard long cut, just not as thin.
  • Fine cut: Also called snuffs, fine cuts are just a little larger than sand or coffee grounds.
  • Pouches: Pouches hold fine cut tobacco in a small teabag-like pouch, already portioned out so you don’t have to deal with the mess of pinching and packing the product yourself.

At Outlaw, we use the fat cut in our tobacco-free and nicotine-free products. The fat cut is one of the rarer cut sizes of dip and is a little longer, flatter, and softer than the more common long cut. We feel it gives you the best sensation in your mouth and carries our flavors better. Shop our wide selection tobacco-free products today to find out what makes Outlaw one of the best fat cut tobacco-free brands today!

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