Snus vs Dip

Snus vs Dip

May 19, 2023Jared Boyce

As you might remember from history class, tobacco was hugely important to the early history of America. But at that time, it was mainly smoked, and we’re guessing the tobacco smokers of our country’s early history would be mind blown by all the different  smokeless tobacco products and tobacco-free versions of those products that are available today. Heck, you might be too!

All these varieties can get a little confusing though, so let Outlaw be your guide to the wide world of smokeless tobacco. In this blog, we’ll be covering the difference between snus vs dip, so read on to learn more about each. We’re betting they definitely didn’t teach you this in school!

What is snus?

Snus is a kind of smokeless tobacco that undergoes a special steam-pasteurization manufacturing process. That’s a fancy way of saying the tobacco gets heated to a specific temperature for a certain period of time, and it’s this process that makes snus different from all the other forms of smokeless tobacco. Snus typically comes in small packets that you place between your gum and upper lip, and it’ll stay there for a while as the flavor and nicotine get slowly released.

What is dip?

Dip is actually very similar to snus, and the dip that you and I get to enjoy today is really thanks to Swedish immigrants that introduced the United States to their unique kind of snus in the 1800s. Unlike snus, individual portions of dip are not packaged in the can, so you get to choose your own “serving size” by grabbing the amount you want with your index finger and thumb. This is called a pinch, and you put it between your gum and lower lip. Keep it there until the flavor or nicotine buzz runs out and have a cup handy to spit the mixture of tobacco and saliva that’ll build up in your mouth.

Outlaw’s tobacco-free dip

Those early Americans that would be mind-blown by how many kinds of smokeless tobacco products would probably be even more amazed at how great Outlaw tobacco-free dip is and all the crazy flavors we have to offer. Our tobacco-free dip is just as moist and juicy as the best tobacco dip you’ve ever pinched, but it comes in more wild flavors and without any of the health risks that come with consistent tobacco use.

Give Outlaw products a try today!

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