Chewing Tobacco vs Dip

Chewing Tobacco vs Dip

Jun 01, 2022Jared Boyce

Tobacco is hugely important to the early history of America, and the debate between chewing tobacco vs dip still rages on to this day. You have some people who’ll only use one kind of product and swear it’s the best way to enjoy the plant (yep – tobacco is a plant! Tell that to the next person who tells you to eat more plant-based foods), and then there are some who don’t care about the difference and will be satisfied with whatever product they can get their hands on because they just want that sweet buzz!

We figured this whole chewing tobacco vs dip debate was the perfect subject for the first-ever Outlaw Dip blog, so read on to get the lowdown on both forms of smokeless tobacco and how our tobacco free dip factors into the equation.

What’s chewing tobacco?

Chewing tobacco is commonly placed in the cheek, and you chew it to form it to the shape you like. It juices up a lot, meaning you’ll have to spit out a mixture of the juice and your saliva pretty often. If you wanna use your manners, you spit your saliva into a cup, bottle, or the trash can. Chewing tobacco comes in pellets, bits, or plugs, and can also be called “chaw,” depending on who you ask.

What’s dip?

The dip we enjoy today is actually thanks to Swedish immigrants that brought their own kind of snus to the United States in the 1800s. It’s usually placed in-between the gums and lower lip, and the bigger the pinch, the more flavor. Like chewing tobacco, you’ll have to spit out some of the juices from time to time. If you’d rather not bother measuring out your own pinch, you can buy some varieties that come in pouches.

Outlaw tobacco-free dip

Regardless of your stance on the chewing tobacco vs dip debate, you should be able to identify the health risks of prolonged tobacco use. We sure did, and after getting fed up with getting sick all the time and the lack of creativity in the tobacco industry, we decided to create our own product that was better than the real thing in every way.

Outlaw’s tobacco free dip still has that nicotine buzz you’re after, it’s guaranteed to be moist and juicy with every pinch, and we have a bunch of crazy flavors that the tobacco industry would never even dream of making. We’ve even got  nicotine-free varieties too!

Whether you favor chew or dip, or you don’t care about the whole chewing tobacco vs dip debate and just want a quality product with long-lasting flavor, we hope you’ll give our products a chance. Shop our tobacco free dip today!

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