Outlaw Wild Watermelon Fat Cut

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When you purchase some Outlaw Wild Watermelon Fat Cut Dip, you’re buying a piece of history because Wild Watermelon was the VERY FIRST dip flavor we introduced into the dip market back in 2017! This Outlaw Wild Watermelon Chew changed the game and gave dippers an alternative to tobacco that didn’t just rival tobacco dip products but was better in every way. Like you, our founders were long time dippers that loved the chewing sensation and taste of chewing tobacco, but after getting fed up with the industry, they set out to make a GIANT DENT in the industry. In just a few years we did so, starting with this tobacco free and nicotine free watermelon chew that our customers LOVE! In fact, this chewing tobacco alternative is the FIRST watermelon flavored dip – EVER!

Members of the dipping tobacco community had been asking for a watermelon flavor for years, but the industry never delivered. Well, Outlaw Dip did it and the success of our tobacco free and nicotine free watermelon chew goes to show how out of touch the tobacco industry is. The taste of our new Wild Watermelon is mouthwatering, refreshing, and guaranteed the JUICIEST pinch you've ever tried! The sweet watermelon flavor is obviously one of the best things about our Watermelon dip, but the ingredients are also something to get excited about! There’s NO TOBACCO AND NICOTINE at all, meaning the dip is 100% pesticide and fungicide free - none of that disgusting mint leaf or cornsilk other companies use. 

Each one of our dipping tobacco alternative cans come moist and ready to explode flavor in your mouth! This is a complete smokeless tobacco healthy alternative to moist snuff. It is 100% TOBACCO FREE AND NICOTINE FREE but if you choose we infuse each tin with NiC-SAFE™ so you can still enjoy the same buzz as nicotine but without all the harmful side effects! Our products are FDA cleared and are the leading brand of nicotine alternative dips on the market!

NiC-SAFE™ is a NON addictive Nicotine alternative that still gives you a buzz! If you’re coming from Nicotine or Tobacco and still want to feel a head rush, then we suggest trying our NiC-SAFE™ options. You can read more about it here: What is NiC-SAFE™?

Pack. Dip. Spit. ENJOY!

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