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Outlaw Mint is a breath of fresh air from other mint's out on the market. Not only do you get that freshness feeling with every pouch but you get that Outlaw sweetness on the end to make it the most enjoyable experience possible! We don't call our dip "Lip Candy" for no reason! We promise our Mint is like no other flavor you've tried. As soon as it hits your lips you get that minty fresh feel with a little bit of a burn and then it turns into something magical! We like to say it's a mix between mint and peppermint and that's right where we like it! We always felt Mint dips needed to be less boring... and we created just that. Pack. Dip. Spit. ENJOY! 100% TOBACCO & NICOTINE FREE!!! 15 Pouches per can.

NiC-SAFE™ is a NON addictive Nicotine alternative that still gives you a buzz! If you’re coming from Nicotine or Tobacco and still want to feel a head rush, then we suggest trying our NiC-SAFE™ options. You can read more about it here: https://outlawdip.com/blogs/blog/what-is-nixamide

Try our other flavors as well! BUILD A CUSTOM 6 PACK AND SAVE MONEY!