Outlaw Georgia Peach Fat Cut

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Does it get any more Southern than Outlaw Georgia Peach Fat Cut Dip? Every pinch you get will taste just like biting into a fresh, juicy peach, and with our long lasting flavor, you can enjoy it for hours. It’s the kind of dip you can enjoy on a hot summer day and will have your mouth watering much as you sweat!

For a long lasting, rich peach flavor that’ll transport you right into the heart of the South, look no further than Outlaw Tobacco Free Georgia Peach Dip . Unlike all the other peach flavored alternative dip that’s available on the market, ours don’t just replicate the taste of tobacco chew – it improves upon the dipping experience. We know that Peach is one of the most desired flavors in the dip game, and we didn't want to release our version until it was better than the rest! Our sweet Georgia Peach flavor puts the south in your mouth as soon as it hits your lips! Front porch sittin', Grandma's cookin', and good buddies is what this dip reminds us of!

If you're a fan of Sweet Peach Tea, you're gonna absolutely LOVE this dip! Our favorite combo is mixing this with our southern sweet tea dip and HALLELUJAH, It’ll slap yo momma!! Each one of our dipping tobacco alternative products come moist and ready to explode flavor in your mouth! This is a complete smokeless tobacco healthy alternative to moist snuff. It is 100% TOBACCO FREE AND NICOTINE FREE but if you choose we infuse each tin with NiC-SAFE™ so you can still enjoy the same buzz as nicotine but without all the harmful side effects! Our pouches are FDA cleared and are the leading brand of nicotine alternative dips on the market!

NiC-SAFE™ is a NON addictive Nicotine alternative that still gives you a buzz! If you’re coming from Nicotine or Tobacco and still want to feel a head rush, then we suggest trying our NiC-SAFE™ options. You can read more about it here: What is NiC-SAFE™?

Pack. Dip. Spit. ENJOY!

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