Ironside Apple Danish Fat Cut

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The perfect treat to start your morning and enjoy all day long. Apple Danish starts with a crisp, semi-sweet apple flavor layered with a cinnamon glazed butter crust to achieve the perfect balance. Conquer your day with 800mg of caffeine in every can of FAT Cut! 

Ditch the energy drinks and GO BERSERK with our nordic inspired tobacco free dipping tobacco alternatives PACKED with clean caffeine! Each can comes with 800mg of caffeinated chew blessed by Odin himself. Say goodbye to pre workout drink mixes and unhealthy energy drinks! You can also use our 100% Tobacco and Nicotine Free moist snuff to QUIT Tobacco and Nicotine for good. Still get the buzz you enjoy out of Nicotine but now it's coming from our clean and healthier caffeinated chew. Ironside dip gives you a healthy option for quitting smokeless tobacco products and bad crashes throughout your day with other “energy supplements” on the market. Train like a berserker on the battlefield without having to chug down unhealthy liquid filled with sugar. And unlike traditional tobacco chew cans, ours are LOCKED and LOADED with a high quality tin lid tough enough to withstand Mjölnir! 

Conquer your day like Odin himself with a tin packed with flavor and 800mg of caffeinated goodness! You CAN have it all - the energy and enjoyment of a real dip without the health concerns of tobacco and nicotine.

Try all 6 nordic flavors in our sampler 6 pack and save money!