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CHEW on This Seasonings REFILL BAG (Wishin' I Was Fishin')

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We love eatin’ all types of fish round here at Chew on This! And you don’t SEA a lot of dedicated fish seasonings out there, so we wanted to make this one shine! A little bit of hot with our chili powder and a whole lot of savory with our Garlic, onion, salt mix! We even added some mango in there to give that fish some POP! A lot of people don’t like fish… Wishin’ I was Fishin’ seasoning will put a fishing rod in their hand in no time! Gluten Free, No MSG, No Flavor Enhancers, Made fresh with all real authentic spices!


Paprika Powder, Chili Powder, Salt, Sugar, Garlic Granules, Onion Powder, Lemon Salt, Black Pepper Powder, Raw Mango Powder, Parsley Flakes, Mustard Powder.