Can of Joe

Can of Joe French Vanilla Pouches

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Our French Vanilla coffee pouches are our creamiest flavor yet! We say it’s like a dark creamy vanilla custard. Amazing long lasting flavor that combines Butterscotch, caramel and hazelnut. As well as a buttery mouthfeel that has you wanting to load your lip with the whole can! 100% Tobacco and Nicotine Free! 15 Pouches per can. 100mg of caffeine in every pouch! NO PLASTIC LIDS HERE! We use our Locked and Loaded tin lid to LOCK in moisture and keep it juicy when you LOAD your lip. Because we use a coconut fiber base rather than coffee grounds, our pouches soak up all the goods rather than leaving it out to dry with traditional coffee grounds. This makes our coffee pouch flavors longer lasting, moist, and a much fuller flavor profile!


A "CUP of Joe" sometimes just isn't convenient for the working man. We strived to give our blue collar folks the advantage of getting their caffeine kick anytime of day right in their pocket! Whether you're working construction, a welder, farmer, trucker, or even sit at a desk all day, we are here to keep you grinding. *Pun intended ;)

Founded by Jared Outlaw, who also founded the Outlaw Dip Company as an alternative to smokeless tobacco to help our fellow Americans quit the bad stuff without sacrificing their favorite daily ritual. Jared sees Can of Joe as another great way to get off the dip and save your lip!

Can Of Joe is for dippers trying to quit smokeless tobacco who can't find an alternative with a viable combination of taste and buzz. When switching to non-tobacco caffeinated dip pouches, dippers face cheap imitations, flavors that run out too quickly, and “artificial” elements like wintergreen, vanilla, caramel, etc. And others say they don't feel any effects of caffeine at all. Kinda defeats the purpose, eh?

But luckily for you, there's now a solution that gives you the delicious taste, the caffeine kick and the authentic experience without the overwhelming coffee taste, artificial ingredients or cheap packaging. Can Of Joe Dip Pouches are the most unique dip pouch on the market. They're made with all-natural food-grade ingredients that give you an energy boost while allowing the unique flavors to dominate your tastebuds.

At the end of the day, Can of Joe was specifically made for hardworking men who want to dominate their day and get back to their friends and family.


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