Berserker Eagles Blood Pouches

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‘Tigers Blood’ is a very popular flavor right now so we decided to do our own spin on it. Berserker Eagles Blood caffeinated pouches is an electric cherry charge with a hint of coconut to smooth out the flavor profile. We named it after the most devastating move in battle… the ‘Blood Eagle’, where vikings would rip out their foes lungs through the back making it look like they had wings… Gruesome, yes. That’s what it will do to your tastebuds. 100mg of caffeine per pouch. 15 pouches per can.

Ditch the energy drinks and GO BERSERK with our nordic inspired pouches PACKED with clean caffeine! Each can comes with 15 pouches and 100mg of caffeine in every pouch! Say goodbye to pre workout drink mixes and unhealthy energy drinks! You can also use our 100% Tobacco and Nicotine Free pouches to QUIT Tobacco and Nicotine for good. Still get the buzz you enjoy out of Nicotine but now it's coming from our clean and healthier caffeine pouches. Berserker pouches give you a healthy option for quitting smokeless tobacco products and bad crashes throughout your day with other “energy supplements” on the market. Train like a berserker on the battlefield without having to chug down unhealthy liquid filled with sugar. And unlike traditional tobacco chew cans, ours come with a catch lid on the top so you can dispose of your used pouches without littering or running to a trash can.

Conquer your day like Odin himself with a tin packed with flavor and 1500mg of caffeinated goodness! You CAN have it all - the energy and enjoyment of a real dip without the health concerns of tobacco and nicotine.

Try them all in our sampler 9 pack and save money!