Outlaw Red Velvet Fat Cut


Your Valentine’s Day date awaits! Red velvet is our featured flavor of the month for February! A perfect mix of savory chocolate cake and creamy vanilla icing will have you falling in love one pinch or pouch at a time! Don’t miss out on this exclusive treat! Available ONLY in the month of February 2024! With our "Fat Cut" blend in each can it makes it super easy to Pack. Dip. Spit. ENJOY! 100% TOBACCO & NICOTINE FREE!!!

NiC-SAFE™ is a NON addictive Nicotine alternative that still gives you a buzz! If you’re coming from Nicotine or Tobacco and still want to feel a head rush, then we suggest trying our NiC-SAFE™ options. You can read more about it here: https://outlawdip.com/blogs/blog/what-is-nixamide

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