Outlaw Wintergreen Fat Cut


Flavor Notes:

Like a Lifesaver Candy, Refreshing with a Wintergreen Burn.

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Our Wintergreen flavor is truly unlike any other. This is our unique take on the ever popular "Wintergreen" that has been used in dip for years. Taste the woods as soon as it hits your lips! At first sniff you get a hint of darkness like a fire cured tobacco leaf and at first taste you get that wintergreen burn that everyone knows and loves. Then that's when you get hit with the sweetness! The longer you dip it the more notes of the backwoods you get. We strive ourselves on making our flavors as true to their name as possible. Outlaw Wintergreen is the truest Wintergreen taste on the market today. Taste the woods in every pinch. Pack. Dip. Spit. ENJOY! 100% TOBACCO & NICOTINE FREE!!!

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