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Outlaw Lucky Lipper Dip was the third flavor we ever introduced into the dipping market and we’re sorry it wasn’t sooner because y’all LOVE IT! When we set out to create this sweet citrus flavored dip, we had people just like you in mind because we knew we couldn’t be the only ones who were frustrated with the lack of innovation and flavor variety in the tobacco industry. That frustration, coupled with our concerns about the health risks posed by long term tobacco use, inspired us to create this citrus flavored tobacco free dip.

We like to say that our Outlaw Lucky Lipper Dip, and all our other crazy, bold flavors of 100% tobacco free dip, aren’t just alternatives to chewing tobacco – they’re better! And they’re certainly much better than the other tobacco free dip substitutes out there because we don’t use gross ingredients like cornsilk or mint leaf in our formulas.

You may think that because our Outlaw Lucky Lipper Dip is made with natural ingredients that it would be tasteless but you’re dead wrong! You can really taste the sweetness and sourness of this citrus flavored tobacco free dip with nicotine in every dip. Lucky Lipper gives you the hints of a lemon-lime soda while being one of the JUICIEST dips you've ever tried! We’ve been told that it smells just like your favorite lemon lime soda.

Toss in a Lucky Lipper and AMAZING things always tend to happen! Just like our other wild flavors, Outlaw Lucky Lipper Dip has a guaranteed "Fat Cut" blend in every can it makes it super easy to Pack. Order to dip, spit, and enjoy this 100% TOBACCO FREE goodness!!!

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