WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Mission Statement



We're just like you. Long-time dippers that love tobacco. Our team has been in the tobacco industry for years and within that time have become experts in this field. With that being said there are several things we don't like about tobacco itself. We realize there's a stigma that comes with tobacco. As innovators we decided we wanted to develop a new product that would give you a better dipping experience than the real thing and not have to worry about getting sick from tobacco.

The tobacco industry hasn't changed in decades, it's the same old product with the same old flavors. Our mission was to create a product that is not only better than any tobacco product you've had before but also is 100% safe. You may be asking yourself, "Well how's it going to taste? Am I going to get the same enjoyment? Is it really safer?" These kinds of questions come up all the time. When developing this new dipping product we ask the same questions and we came up with the answers. There is no tobacco whatsoever in our product, which means its 100% pesticide and fungicide free. Outlaw dip is made with all-natural ingredients. While these other tobacco alternative companies use things like 'Cornsilk', 'Mint leaf' and even cabbage to try to mimic dipping tobacco, their products don’t even come close.

Although, our product is 100% tobacco-free we don’t consider ourselves a tobacco ALTERNATIVE company. We believe our product is far better than the real thing in every way.

THIS IS 100% A BETTER VERSION OF DIP ITSELF! We promise to deliver the same Fat Cut pinchability, with the same, if not more nicotine buzz, the moistest and juiciest dip, and with a true flavor profile. We felt handcuffed working with tobacco. We have worked for YEARS and YEARS formulating this product for the dipping community that we've known and loved for so long and that's YOU! It's called "Outlaw" for a reason. We did what no one else could do. It just so happens all our hard work created the most innovative dip ever engineered.