Can of Joe POUCHES Sampler 6 Pack


1 can of each of our iconic coffee flavors!

15 Pouches in each can.

100mg of caffeine per pouch!

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Can of Joe Pouches Sampler Pack include 1 can of each:

- French Vanilla

- Hazelnut

- Irish Cream

- Mocha

- Black

- and yes… WINTERGREEN.

F%#K THE CUP! Grab a Can of Joe. A "CUP of Joe" sometimes just isn't convenient for the working man. We strived to give our blue collar folks the advantage of getting their caffeine kick anytime of day right in their pocket! 

Whether you're working construction, a welder, farmer, trucker, or even sit at a desk all day, we are here to keep you grinding. *Pun intended ;)

Here at Can of Joe we treat our American work force like KINGS! You guys and gals keep America running and we want to help! You work hard... We keep you working harder! And our high quality pouches makes it super easy to stay discreet but keep dipping!

Founded in 2022 by Jared Outlaw who also founded the Outlaw Dip Company in 2017 as an alternative to smokeless tobacco to help our fellow Americans quit the bad stuff without sacrificing their favorite daily ritual. He sees Can of Joe as another great way to get off the dip and save your lip!

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