What is Nixamide™? A Nicotine Alternative.

What is Nixamide™? A Nicotine Alternative.

Nov 22, 2023Jared Boyce

Made from a proprietary alternative solution to nicotine (patent pending), Nixamide™ is structurally different from nicotine – independent of its stereochemistry – and not falling under the TCA (Tobacco Control Act.)

 Nixamide™ has been specially formulated to deliver the same satisfaction, pleasure and enjoyment as traditional tobacco products and nicotine vaping for adult consumers using a proprietary blend with the main ingredient being *Nicotinamide.

 Nicotinamide is a form of Vitamin B3 found in food and used as a dietary supplement and medications. Side effects are minimal. At high doses, liver problems may occur. Normal amounts are safe during pregnancy. Nicotinamide is in the Vitamin B family of medications, specifically vitamin B3 complex. It is an amide of nicotinic acid.  Foods that contain nicotinamide include yeast, meat, milk, and green vegetables.

 Toxicology Testing showed that Nixamide™ is less toxic than standard nicotine, either in combustible tobacco or in vapes.


Nixamide Toxicology Report

 To draw a comparison, based on the WHO Chemical Safety Card for ingredients, Nixamide™ with active ingredient, Nicotinamide, lists exposure symptoms as “Cough” (when used in Vape.)

 Whereas Traditional nicotine is listed with inhalation exposure symptoms being “Burning sensation, nausea, vomiting, convulsions, abdominal pain, headache, sweating, etc.”.

 Nixamide™ blends the same way as regular nicotine in manufacturing and has a smooth experience when vaped, or mixed with smokeless alternatives. Virtually no taste, color, or texture exists in Nixamide™.

 Generally, Nixamide™ is non-addictive when used with recommended doses. Overdose or injury using Nixamide™ has never occurred. Nixamide™ will not be detected in drug tests, and nicotine tests.

 Nixamide™ is NOT a nicotine product but the same natural effects as nicotine do apply. Therefore a safer alternative to nicotine consumption. Nixamide™ effects are as noted but not limited to: lightheadness, “nicotine buzz,” elated mood, relaxation, ease of mind, focus, and in some cases spurts of energy.

 We at Outlaw Dip have researched and tested Nic-Safe™ (aka Nixamide™) over the last year to “bring back the buzz” safely, legally, and better than ever before.

 Don’t just take our word for it. Try some for yourself and tell us what you think.

 You can check out our Nic-Safe line up Here.

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